Maple cookingspoon
350 SEK

Cookingspoon made from locally sourced maple. Toolfinished; the carved surface gives outstanding hygienic qualities and beautiful patina. Finished with linseed oil.
Length 280 mm. Width of blade 70 mm.

These are recommendations if you want your handcarved cooking spoon to get a nice patina and live long, but basically you can use the spoon lika any other wooden kitchenware
  • For deepest patina - handwash only. The spoon can be washed in machine but tend to bleech and dry.
  • The spoon is finished with linseedoil - no extra oiling is needed, but for deeper patina it can be addes some olive oil or some other cooking oil. Or linseed oil of course.
  • Do not soak.
  • Do not leave to cook in the pan.

The spoon is treated with linseedoil which can leave some taste when used the first time (especially if the spoon is left to cook in the pan with the food). The effect will go away.