Pancake spatulas
150 SEK

Thin spatulas, made for frying pancakes. Made from birch, treated with linseedoil without additives. 
330 mm long, width of the blade: 50 mm. 

The spatulas are a shorter version of crepe-spatulas made for Järvsö Creperie. They are made from a split piece of straight wood, which means the blade can be made really thin and a little flexible without being too weak. The blade is not more than 1,5-2 mm thick. 

  • The spatulas are finished with linseedoil - no extra oiling is needed, but for deeper patina they can be added some olive oil or some other cooking oil. Or linseed oil of course.
  • Do not soak.
  • Do not leave to cook in the pan.
The spatulas are treated with linseedoil which can leave some taste when used the first time. The effect will go away.